Common myths residing in Pakistan about Outdoor Advertising

It has been found that outdoor media advertising earned a huge amount of revenue in Pakistan. It has been increased from 2.48 billion to 2.60 billion. With the new advents in technology, outdoor advertising is more creative and helpful in advertising billboards in Pakistan. The way the money is spent on advertising is important, especially when you have a number of myths that are surrounded by several practices of advertising. We need to debunk some common myths related to the trend of outdoor media advertising in Pakistan.

Myth 1 – Nobody Pays Attention to Billboards
People in Pakistan have several myths about outdoor advertising. They believe that consumers do not give attention to advertisements made on billboards. Various studies have highlighted that using both traditional and digital means of billboards can attract a huge number of customers. For example, Sun silk has gained 2.5 million consumers from their recent advertising campaigns and advertisement tools including billboards and OOH advertisements. Whether you make a purchase directly online or through visiting the store physically or talking with friends and family, there is no doubt that OOH media advertisement in Pakistan induces direct action from target customers.  People in Lahore, Karachi, and other leading cities are considering it a successful marketing campaign for gaining customers. Hence, it is clear that outdoor advertising in Pakistan has the attention of several customers in Pakistan and there is no sign of diminishing this anytime.

Myth2 – Outdoor advertising is only for large companies
There is another misconception found among people in Pakistan that only large companies can make use of advertising. Several small-medium enterprises or new businesses leave this option as they consider it expensive and they do not find it suitable for them to incorporate. So, for them, it is important to clear the fact that OOH media uses different channels and mediums to market
their products publicly. It may include the use of traditional and digital means of marketing. The digital billboards might be expensive in rush areas where the attention seekers are more, on the contrary traditional mediums of advertising are cheap to be used by several new entrepreneurs or small businesses.
For example, Nishat linen has made use of newspapers, billboards, tv, and social media platforms to publicize their products to consumers.

Myth3 – The greater the number of Billboards, the better it will:
People in Pakistan think that quality prevails over quantity in terms of OOH advertisements and billboards. There are some counterintuitive that if the number of billboards is greater, then it will automatically lead to a greater number of impressions. It is partially true that with the increased number of ads, the impressions from consumers will also increase. People will have more brand engagement and knowledge about the business.


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