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Create impactful advertising campaigns by Out of Home Advertisement (OOH)

Out of home advertising (OOH) is found outside the home of consumers. Now, we spend time outdoors and with the advent of digital advertising, and it is difficult to get message viewed. This problem is solved by OOH along with merging with digital advancements in order to make it a powerful tool for marketers. It is one of the most popular forms of creating brand awareness and consumer demand generation as it helps businesses to achieve a huge audience in a new technological way which changes the digital tides.
OOH has been largely liked by advertisers because of its great impact on consumers. The advertisements placed on OOH are largely noticed by people. In comparison to TV, mobile or radio which can be changed or turned off or move to another channel, the OOH ads cannot be ignored. As OOH is a well-perceived medium, so you can use the message of OOH to influence the decision of consumer and their perception for brand.

Positive environment by OOH

Out of home advertising reach people in a positive manner, either they are away or near the house in a positive mindset and visual means of capturing things. OOH can reside in your mind for so long. It leaves a greatest impact on creating awareness about specific brand among consumers and metrics for purchase intent. It not only results in huge market reach to enhance brand exposure among audience but also trigger the behavior of customer in a positive manner.


The old and urban landscape means of advertisements are now changing, hence altering the cities look and helping the brands to come up with all new and innovative ways of attracting consumers. The outdoor advertisers cut down edge technology to capture consumers in evolving ways. OOH act as a heart for brand in activating the customer behavior and providing strong message and loyalty.

Highly targeted media

The Out of home advertisements are specific to location. Each location being selected depends upon the aim and purpose of message you are conveying and what are you trying to engage.
The location-based billboard advertisements allow mobile data to find travel patterns in a day. This data is helpful in determining where you need to place the message of OOH. It helps to gain audience in real world and to serve message on physical media. Now, advertisers can put in audience segmentation in their planning of OOH media.
In today’s time, OOH is still related to media landscape. By viewing data insights, we can engage our audience in the golden moments of the day. It provides highest exposure to customers hence reaching right people with right message.

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billboards in pakistan

In today’s society, everything is done online, including marketing. Digital marketing is becoming increasingly popular among businesses as a means of promoting their brands and services. Billboards have now gone digital as well. Billboards are used to raise awareness about a variety of concerns as well as to promote goods. Smart technology transforms billboards into digital billboards, which are subsequently used in digital marketing. Billboards have evolved from ancient stances to blazing digital or LED screens with customizable advertisements every second or two as technology has advanced.

Furthermore, digital billboard advertising has a remarkable capacity to realize high levels of exposure and involvement. It’s an effective means for displaying succinct information while also attracting and motivating spectators.

LED billboard initiatives, like anything else in online marketing, follow a particular set of characteristics to be successful.  All are important, from finding the ideal site to understanding the statistics and expectations of the customer population.

We’ll explain why electronic billboard marketing is so popular in this in-depth article.

Advertising Billboards

Outdoor marketing is the practice of marketing a business, institution, item, event, or program by hiring additional print ads. Here will discover bargains in the major cities of Pakistan, including Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Billboards are often highlighting the main places, such as roads and towns, to ensure that the greatest volume of automobiles and people view them.

Billboard advertising is a great way to raise marketing strategy and get your company in front of as many wider audiences. When opposed to certain other advertising campaigns, billboards get the most looks and exposure since it is in such high-traffic regions.

Advantages Of Digital Billboard Advertising

While billboard advertising is not a new technique, it is a continually shifting platform that companies are still using to significant result their target audiences. Adverts on screens have been here a new phenomenon, but in a few decades, billboard-size devices have become more affordable. Outdoor advertising is not only for bigger firms with greater resources; we all need to think about if they’re suitable for our next promotional strategy. Digital billboards have a lot of useful features billboards, and in this article, we’ll look at some of them, along with several cases that demonstrate the potential of this slashing marketing strategy.

Why Is Digital Billboard Advertising Important in pakistan?

Digital Billboards Can Modify Instantaneously.

Customers’ perceptions of how promotion operates have shifted as a result of the internet. They stare at computers for hours, watching commercials that are targeted to them. Advertisements today know our names, where we live, and what we’re going to look for. Although digital billboards cannot achieve this level of customization, they can nevertheless use cutting-edge technology to provide a timely message. One of the most significant benefits of an electronic billboard is this.

Take a look at this retail electronic billboard advertising. It’s a poignant reminder of the asthmatic season, using the most recent pollen count. It’s a fantastic mix of useful data and effective marketing that will jump out from a world awash in commercials.

Information Can Be Displayed on Digital Billboards.

If you have ever been enthralled by an occasion advertisement only to discover that some had slipped, you by? Many businesses overspend on adverts that aren’t relevant to the occasions they’re promoting. And simply turning over at specific moments, online adverts can reduce waste.

Take, for illustration, the commercial for a Television show, Media advertising for a monthly Television program used to always air for the entire month, so if the program wasn’t on four out of one week.

A Warning Message Can Be Conveyed By Digital Billboards

Lots lots of folks are natural slackers. They would push anything off and they can. This causes businesses to lose revenue on a regular basis. Clients may intend to buy an item but choose to postpone that till later, resulting in them not wasting money. It’s critical to grab people’s attention to counteract this inclination, and digital billboards are ideally suited for this role.

Take a look at the baseball ad. It has a beeping clock, which would have a huge mental effect on all those who pass through. It serves as a reminder that the period is short and that they should act fast if they do not want to lose a player. A standard billboard could be changed once a day, but a digital billboard can increase the immediacy by updating hourly moment, or even instant.

Clients Can Be Engaged On A Massive Scale

Establishing a stronger relationship with one’s consumers is among the most effective strategies to assure recurring revenue. Billboards were once a very distant kind of promotion, but digital billboards may help you and your clients engage more easily. Take a look at the Magazine ad. They urged individuals to send love messages to Canadian cities, which were then aired all over the country. Older billboards could only show one text, but digital billboards can show thousands of responses per day. People were able to show their real remarks on billboards around the globe, news agencies were able to convey a national tale, and shopping complexes received excellent publicity. Digital billboards allow for this type of marketing success.

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The Situation Is Evolving At A Breakneck Speed, And Advertising Must Stay Consistent

In the era of cell phones, data goes quicker than before. In a society whose knowledge traveled at the velocity of the tabloid, immobile billboards were built. Even 24-hour major networks are already too slow for television viewers who are constantly bombarded with online conversations. If you really want to stay ahead of the curve in these surroundings, you’ll have to have the versatility that digital billboards provide. We take responsibility for your projects as well as the illustration of your trademarks by displaying them on major highways in major cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.


Billboard advertising is a great way to raise market presence and get your company visible to people. When opposed to other advertising campaigns, billboards get the most glances and impact since they’re in such high-traffic regions. As we’ve seen, billboards play a crucial role in any company’s an advertising and promotion of its products and services. Billboard Pakistan, as you may have known, offers a very beneficial service to its consumers. You may view their whole list of services on their website.

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billboards in pakistan , kfc billboard in karachi

Out-of-home (OOH), Marketing is one of the most important components of advertising. Several brands are considering it essential to raise the brand value and to reside the brand name in the minds of customers. A large number of people got attracted due to marketing. Companies have acute competition among each other and everyone is in an effort to make their brand superior to others. A business needs brand equity in order to raise its value. The more visible your brand is, the higher would be its value.

Taking Marketing to next level, recently KFC put a big Out of Home (OOH) advertisement in the form of a billboard over the top of a McDonald’s outlet in Karachi.  One could believe it acts as a marketing purpose for Mcdonald’s instead.

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Having a Hashtag as #KFCFeelGood and a picture of a woman who is eating and enjoying crispy chicken creates a great hype and attraction over the KFC food. This Out of Home (OOH) campaign has gained the attention of several people and highlighted a lot.  People make several types of arguments over this point. Some people consider it useless, as they are already in the Mcdonald’s outlet and there is no point of attraction of this Out of-Home billboard. Even some people said that the logo and pictures are not that visible, so they must be related to McDonald’s.

From my point of view, this (OOH) marketing campaign has been made to increase the consumer’s attention toward both of these brands. People might have made fun of this strategy and did not consider it an effective one. But it is also true that this news has gained great hype over the internet for example, on Twitter, Instagram, etc. hence making it a successful marketing campaign.

This raises the question that what would be the probable reaction of Mcdonald’s over this campaign. Will McDonald’s consider it a wrong act or appreciate it? What are your views? Does it leave a positive or negative impact on the sales of Mcdonald’s? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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It has been found that outdoor media advertising earned a huge amount of revenue in Pakistan. It has been increased from 2.48 billion to 2.60 billion. With the new advents in technology, outdoor advertising is more creative and helpful in advertising billboards in Pakistan. The way the money is spent on advertising is important, especially when you have a number of myths that are surrounded by several practices of advertising. We need to debunk some common myths related to the trend of outdoor media advertising in Pakistan.

Myth 1 – Nobody Pays Attention to Billboards
People in Pakistan have several myths about outdoor advertising. They believe that consumers do not give attention to advertisements made on billboards. Various studies have highlighted that using both traditional and digital means of billboards can attract a huge number of customers. For example, Sun silk has gained 2.5 million consumers from their recent advertising campaigns and advertisement tools including billboards and OOH advertisements. Whether you make a purchase directly online or through visiting the store physically or talking with friends and family, there is no doubt that OOH media advertisement in Pakistan induces direct action from target customers.  People in Lahore, Karachi, and other leading cities are considering it a successful marketing campaign for gaining customers. Hence, it is clear that outdoor advertising in Pakistan has the attention of several customers in Pakistan and there is no sign of diminishing this anytime.

Myth2 – Outdoor advertising is only for large companies
There is another misconception found among people in Pakistan that only large companies can make use of advertising. Several small-medium enterprises or new businesses leave this option as they consider it expensive and they do not find it suitable for them to incorporate. So, for them, it is important to clear the fact that OOH media uses different channels and mediums to market
their products publicly. It may include the use of traditional and digital means of marketing. The digital billboards might be expensive in rush areas where the attention seekers are more, on the contrary traditional mediums of advertising are cheap to be used by several new entrepreneurs or small businesses.
For example, Nishat linen has made use of newspapers, billboards, tv, and social media platforms to publicize their products to consumers.

Myth3 – The greater the number of Billboards, the better it will:
People in Pakistan think that quality prevails over quantity in terms of OOH advertisements and billboards. There are some counterintuitive that if the number of billboards is greater, then it will automatically lead to a greater number of impressions. It is partially true that with the increased number of ads, the impressions from consumers will also increase. People will have more brand engagement and knowledge about the business.

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